Quality and Service

Through a series of agreements with the major Italian and European operators,
we are able to ensure accurate and timely shipments to our customers.


Research & Development

We work closely related to textile associations that inform us in advance
of new fibers and fabrics that will be gradually introduced into the market.


Laundry Products and accessories

A consolidated knowledge of dry cleaning techniques, thanks to which we have developed an extensive range of products, from pre-spotting to dosage in the machine, besides a complete offer of highly specialized spot removers.

Surfchimica Srl
Head Office & Storage Via Milano 6/6
20068 – Peschiera Borromeo (MI)
P.I.: 07363370961
Tel.: +39 02 5530 8374
Fax: +39 02 8417 0552

Aqua Factor®

 The new water cleaning system
that loves clothings and environment.

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Nat line

A brand new innovative line of eco-sustainable products for cleaning in water, realized with plant extracts and vegetable derivatives.

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ZIP Style

Set of spot-removers for all the kind of cleaning (water or solvents).

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Surflean Lavender

Hygienizing product for washing active as an inhibitor of bacteria.

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Surfan Complete

Detergent for drycleaning in perc, suitable for prespotting and direct dosage in the machine.

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