A brand new innovative line of eco-sustainable products for cleaning in water, realized with plant extracts and vegetable derivatives.

The NAT line is the ideal continuation of a project aimed at finding the highest quality levels in an ever closer synergy with the fundamental need to safeguard the present in order to guarantee a better future.

We have therefore created this complete line of professional products for washing in water, putting at the center the eco-sustainability intended as respect for the environment and protection of the health of the operators.

We are proud to offer unique products of their kind, formulated with the use of raw materials derived from plant extracts, which do not require any indication of danger on the label in accordance with the latest European regulations and which allow you to obtain the best results of washing.

NAT line products


Universal stain remover

Based on vegetable extracts, completely biodegradable. Professional product of detergency mainly realized with plant extracts and vegetable derivatives in a watery base, without added perfumes. Easy to use, to spray as it is on the part of garment to be treated.

Removes oils, fats and dirt in general from every type of tissue, without having contraindications or hazardousness for man and the environment thanks to its balanced composition based on vegetable extracts. Has a high detergent power and has an efficient solubilization in water for a wide range of stains derived from oils, grease, organic traces, diesel fuel, smog, soot, inks, paint, mascara, dyes, enamel, glue residues, waxes, etc.

Captures and disgregates, until their elimination, even bad smells. Quickly and promptly biodegradable. Not flammable. Does not contain V.O.C. solvents, enzymes, bacteria, acids or bases, phosphates and preservatives. Not toxic for aquatic organisms. Dermatologically tested.


Ecological detergent

Formulated with raw materials of vegetable origin, suitable for all types of fabric. Highly concentrated product with softening effect. Formulated with neutral pH, based on extracts and vegetable derivatives. Washes white, black and colored garments giving a fresh long lasting in time sensation of clean to the tissues. Respects and renews fibers and colors. Eliminates the smell of sweat from all the garments, from the technical to the traditional ones.

The product can be used in every washing system, from the small laundry to the industrial one, and also for hand washing. Does not leave foam residuals. Does not contain phosphates, phosphones, colorants, sequestrants, enzymes, optical bleachers, nickel. Allows the maximum energy saving being active at 30°C already. Makes ironing easier: after washing, the iron slides faster and more hadling on dry fabrics. Has a reduced content of non ionic surfactants (less than 1%). Quickly biodegradable (more than 95% of its active components are of vegetable origin). Its characteristics make of it a product that does not need any indication of danger on the label. Dermatologically tested.


Washing additive

Based on vegetable raw materials, suitable for the removal of difficult spots, exalts white garments and revives the colored one. Practical and economic product: eliminates dirt and stains without pre-treatment. Eliminates bad smells and halos of sweat from the fabrics. It does not contain added chemical preservatives.

To be used directly in a washing machine in combination with NAT SOAP to obtain clean, soft and perfumed garments. Indicated for white garments, where restores the original brightness, black and colored, of which preserves the shade over time. Makes the fabrics softer naturally, also maintaining efficient and cleaned the washing machine.

It does not contain: phosphates, phosphonates, optical bleaches, enzymes and sequestrants. Formulation contains vegetable extracts appointed selected for a deep hygienizing action. Quickly biodegradable with a minimum content of non ionic surfactants (less than 5%). Dermatologically tested.


Concentrated softener

Concentrated softener realized with selected ingredients of vegetable derivation to sanitize and make soft and long lasting scented all the fabrics.

Ideal for white, black and colored garments, in cotton, wool, delicate, synthetic and mixed. Quickly biodegradable, very low content of non ionic surfactants. Without phosphates, phosphonates and preservatives.

Protects the fibers, relaxes and gives them the volume making the ironing easier. Prevents the formation of static electricity in synthetic fibers and leaves a delicate fragrance on clothes that persists over time. Dermatologically tested.